CCTV- Closed Circuit TV cameras. 

Today’s businesses need the flexibility to allow business owners and managers the capability to monitor their

businesses from one location to help them avoid loss of inventory, frivolous lawsuits, hazardous conditions and

other threats to their businesses.  We represent some of the world leading manufacturers of CCTV

equipment, such as Axis, Pelco, Dedicated Micros, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic among others. Our systems

can be remotely monitored and integrated to POS systems. the future of the security camera field lies in the

following technlogies:

IP Cameras.  Today we can use cameras connected to the network. These cameras offer a

new world of possibilities for our customers.  All the information the camera outputs is in digital

form, this means the image is richer, and you are able to zoom in/out and use the information in a lot

of ways previously impossible. You can, for example, receive a picture via e-mail every time someone

opens a door, or enters a restricted area.

Mega Pixel Cameras.  These cameras are digital cameras that provide near HD quality images,

providing much needed details previously costing thousands more.

Our services include system sales, installation, repairs and maintenance contracts.  whether your

business has an old system that needs repair, a camera that is out of focus or you never had a

camera system, we can help.  our team of trained technicians will ensure all our cameras function

to protect your business against dishonest employees or potential liability claims for accidents in

your property.

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