Low Voltage contracting.

We are licensed and insured to perform all aspects of low voltage contracting.  Low voltage is any system under 50 Volts. This includes all the TVs and video equipment, all the data, sound, voice systems, as well as intercom, antennas (such as Broadband and Satellite dishes), cameras, access controls etc.  We have completed thousands of installations on the field for both commercial and residential clients.

We produce cutsheets, which are industry standard wiring diagrams for the systems we design.  We can generate CAD (computer Aided Drawings) of our designs to include at the design phase when our clients are planning their new locations (home or office) with their architects, interior designers or general contractors.  We are very familiar with the inner workings of the construction culture and will be able to save our customers time and money when we are brought in early-on on their projects. We are the technology experts on your side and we will ensure that when your project is complete, technology does not take a back burner to other design considerations as this will have a great impact on usability of the space once the project is complete.

We deal directly with building officials to ensure all of our installations meet/exceed building code and that the installation is not delayed.

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